Gary A. Mertig, County Board Chair

The County Board Chair is elected from the twenty one members of the Board of Supervisors and serves for a two year term. The Chair makes appointments to committees, presides over the County Board meetings, countersigns all ordinances of the Board and when directed by ordinance shall countersign all county orders, transact all necessary board business with local and county offices, expedite all measures resolved upon the Board and ensure that all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the County government are enforced.

Dan Grady, County Administrator
The County Administrator is an appointed position determined by a majority vote of the Board. The position serves as the chief administrative officer for the county, responsible for the directing and coordinating of administrative and management functions of the County government not otherwise vested by law to boards, commissions or other elected officials. Unless directed otherwise by statute, the County Administrator appoints and supervises the heads of the county departments. All appointments require confirmation of the County Board.

Lori Schmidt, Administrative Assistant
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for assisting the County Board Chair, County Administrator and County Board in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for clerical and correspondence regarding County business. Taking, and transcribing meeting minutes for county committees as directed, retention and maintenance of files and records for the County Administrator are just some of the duties of this position.