Sanitary Permit Information

State law requires you to obtain a sanitary permit for any sanitary system to be installed on your property. This installation must be performed by a licensed Master Plumber.

ATTENTION PLUMBERS... Send us your plans

Ashland County has agent status for Sanitary Review Plans for Holding Tanks and Conventional Systems. Mound and At-Grade Systems must be reviewed by the state. 

Types of Basic Sanitary Systems:

  • Holding Tanks
  • In-Ground Soil Absorption systems (gravity or pressure distribution)
  • At-Grade systems and Mound systems.

A soils test is not required in Ashland County to install holding tanks.

A soils test is required by a Certified Soils Tester, for any other type of sanitary system.

Where to Begin:

  1. Contact - Contact the Ashland County Zoning Administration office at the above address or number, to receive an application and all necessary paperwork and information. Use the List of Plumbers, Pumpers, and Soil Testers to contact a Master Plumber for your sanitary plans, as well as, a Certified Soils Tester to determine what type of absorption system may be suitable on your property.
  2. Complete & Submit - Complete the Ashland County Application for Permit, and submit it with the appropriate fees (located on the fee schedule and application form) to our office. If you are applying for a Holding Tank, you must also complete and submit two additional forms (a Holding Tank Agreement form and a Holding Tank Servicing Contract). The Holding Tank Servicing Contract must by signed by the pumper, then signed by the property owner/s in front of a Notary and returned to the Zoning office. The Holding Tank Agreement form (Acknowledgement Form for more than two owners of a property) must be signed by your Local Government Official, and then signed by the property owner/s in front of a Notary and returned to the Register of Deeds office with an $30.00 fee. 
  3. For Your Soils Tester - Please make sure that the original soils test completed on your property is submitted to our office for review, with the appropriate filing fee listed on the fee schedule.
  4. For Your Plumber - Have your plumber complete and submit the State Sanitary Application form, along with all necessary plans for the proposed sanitary system. All Sanitary Applications and plans for Holding Tanks (<3000 GPD) and Non-Pressurized In-Ground Soil Absorption systems are to be submitted to the Zoning office for approval. All Sanitary Applications and plans for Holding Tanks (>3000 GPD or for Commercial/Industrial buildings), Pressurized In-Ground Soil Absorption systems, At-Grade systems and Mound Systems are to be submitted to the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS).

Attention Plumbers:  We must have installation requests 24 hours in advance & 48 hours in advance for installations on Madeline Island. The ferry fee will need to be taken care of prior to day of inspection. 

 As a reminder, State law prohibits any construction on a property until all permits have been issued. Please check with your local and State agencies for any additional permits.