Community Service Programs


Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) General Information


Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a voluntary, community-based program funded by the State of Wisconsin and operated by the Ashland County Health & Human Services Department.


The CCS program offers a wide array of psychosocial rehabilitation services. These are services and supportive activities that assist CCS clients with mental health and/or substance use conditions to achieve their highest possible level of independent functioning, stability, independence and to facilitate recovery.


The CCS program can provide a number of services needed at no cost to the client. Services that fall under the Service Array and are part of the client's approved Recovery Plan are fully covered. The CCS Service Array includes the following areas:

  • Screening and Assessment
  • Service Planning
  • Service Facilitation
  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Physical Health Monitoring
  • Peer Support
  • Individual Skill Development and Enhancement
  • Employment-Related Skill Training
  • Individual and/or Family Psychoeducation
  • Wellness Management and Recovery/Recovery Support Services
  • Psychotherapy
  • Substance Abuse Treatment


Basic eligibility criteria includes:

  • Ashland County resident;
  • Eligible for Medical Assistance;
  • Have a mental health or substance use diagnosis;
  • Functional limitation in one or more major life activities caused by mental health or substance use issues as measured by the state screen;
  • Need for psychosocial rehabilitation services;
  • Must have a current physician prescription for services.


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Community Support Program (CSP) Services

The Community Support Program (CSP) is for adults living with a serious and persistent mental illness. CSP provides coordinated professional care and treatment in the community that includes a broad range of services to meet an individual's unique personal needs, reduce symptoms and promote recovery. CSP is designed to be capable of providing services that can be tailored to the individual's needs at any given time, ranging from minimal to intensive, or a level that might otherwise require care in a hospital setting.

Eligibility for services is based on a qualifying mental health diagnosis that imposes a disability in daily living and a risk of a continuing pattern of hospital or institutional care.

The CSP Service Array includes the following areas:

  • Comprehensive CSP Assessment
  • Psychiatric Assessment and monitoring
  • Medication prescription, administration and monitoring

Community Recovery Services (CRS)

In CRS, the participant and staff work together to improve the individual's quality of life in the community through an outcomes-based planning and support process focused on the individual's unique recovery needs.

CRS can include:

  • Community Living Supportive Services: These services include activities intended to assure successful community living, such as meal planning/preparation, household cleaning, personal hygiene, medication reminders, medication side effect monitoring, parenting skills and community resource access and utilization, emotional regulation skills, crisis coping skills, shopping, transportation, recovery management skills and education, financial management, social and recreation activities and developing and enhancing interpersonal skills.
  • Peer Support Services: These services include assistance from an individual who has lived the experience of mental illness and is trained to support others in their recovery journey.
  • Supported Employment Services: These services include activities to assist individuals to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

CCS Youth Brochure

CCS Adult Brochure